The Foundation

The 'Asociación Fundacional para la Integración Cultural' (Foundational Association for Cultural Integration) is a private non profit organization of permanent nature.

Its objective is to promote and spread the culture of China, Spain and Latin American countries in general, and in particular;

  • The spreading of culture, education, history and sport.
  • The integration between the East and the West in all historical, cultural, educational and sportive aspects.
  • Social, cultural, educational, sportive and economical promotion and development of the People's Republic of China, as well as of Spain and all the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.
  • Awareness of Chinese and Spanish public opinion, as well as of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, in relation to the possibilities of cultural integration and the positive aspects of both cultures.
  • To drive the reform of laws to allow a better spreading and official recognition of formal educational levels.
  • To stablish, develop and promote educational, exchange, sportive, language and cultural programmes between youths from China, Spain and Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.

To achieve these objectives, the association will stablish, develop and promote the following;

  • Courses, conferences and seminars
  • Exchanges of students and teachers
  • Cultural and sportive youth exchange programmes
  • Training of sportsmen and women
  • Scholarships and selection processes
  • Cultural publications
  • Cultural, welfare and sanitary centres
  • Technical exchanges

All of this paying special consideration and attention to handicapped people and to those that are not or were not, able to obtain and education due to social and economic reasons.