70th Anniversary of the Linyi University

Junio 2011

The Asociación Fundacional para la Integración Cultural - AFIC was invited by the Linyi University to commemorate its 70th Anniversary which was attended by our President - Antonio de Lucas and the Director of Cultural Affairs - Juliette Reith.


           70th Anniversary Linyi University                     Antonio de Lucas - President of AFIC, in company ll                                                                                   with chinese officials and personalities of the the                                                                                                      Linyi University              


Mariano de Blas - Vice Dean of International Relations, Faculty of Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense de Madrid participated in the event promoted by AFIC



Slovakia - Bratislava
May 2011
Juliette Reith - Director of Cultural Affairs AFIC was invited by Bratislava Art Gallery to exhibit their works.



May 2011

A.F.I.C. participant of the slovak literary Evening at the Embassy of Slovakia in Madrid.


Juliette Reith - Director of Cultural Affairs of A.F.I.C.,                       During the event  ty                                 Jan skoda - Ambassador of Slovakia in Spain and fr                                                                                  Antonio de Lucas - Chairman of A.F.I.C.